The QuRUNNER project main goal is to design, implement, and integrate a quantum random number generator (QRNG) into a network server. We will implement a prototype, which will be cost-effective but faster and secure when compared with the existing devices for the same proposal. Moreover, we will make considerable theoretical effort for modelling the experimental devices, designing efficient randomness extractors and studying new source device-independent protocols for the QRNG.

The main scientific objectives of this project are:

  1.  Design and implementation of a QRNG based on vacuum states, and all DSP algorithms to extract bits from the generator;
  2. Analysis of imperfections in the physical realization of a QRNG and protocol design for source device independent QRNG;
  3. System integration on a standard network server to provide true random numbers;
  4. Characterization and validation of the QRNG prototype by using the IT internal network to provide true random numbers for all research groups and researchers at IT.